05 March
Savvy Social Security Planning for Couples: What Couples Need To Know About Retirement Income and Social Security


The Social Security decisions you and your spouse make when you are in your 60s will determine the amount of total income you will receive over your lifetime—including the lifetime of the spouse who lives the longest. Come learn about some little-known rules that can help married couples get more out of the Social Security system.

At this workshop you will learn...

  • How much Social Security you and your spouse stand to receive over your joint lifetime
  • Rules and guidelines for when spouses should apply for benefits
  • How the decisions you make in your 60s can determine the amount of income you—or your surviving spouse—will have in your 80s and 90s
  • How spouses with little or no prior earnings can take advantage of Social Security benefits
  • How a little-known rule has opened the door to creative spousal strategies
  • What all higher-earning spouses should know about retirement and survivor benefits
  • Two key things you need to know about Social Security survivor benefits 
  • How remarriage affects survivor benefits from a former spouse
  • How to avoid mistakes at your Social Security office

Rules and strategies you need to know... 

  • How to know which spouse should take advantage of the spousal benefit
  • What you need to do to entitle your spouse to a spousal benefit—or vice versa
  • How to switch from one benefit to another to have income now and later
  • How to maximize survivor benefits for the surviving spouse

Date and Time

Tue, Mar 05, 2024

10:00a - 12:00p EST


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Lowry Commons
516 Lowry Ave
Jeannette , PA 15644
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