Dominic (Niko)  Rosso

Dominic (Niko) Rosso

Wealth Management Advisor

With a passion for empowering individuals and families to pursue their financial aspirations, Niko serves as a Financial Advisor at Hoffman Wealth Management, LLC. With a degree from John Carroll University in financial planning and wealth management, Niko brings an abundance of knowledge and ability to the HWM team.

Niko's commitment revolves around personalized financial strategies tailored to each client's unique goals. By deeply understanding their financial objectives and risk tolerance, he guides clients through complex financial landscapes, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize long-term goals and financial well-being.

Adept at navigating various market conditions, Niko is dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends, employing innovative strategies while emphasizing a steadfast commitment to integrity, transparency, and client education. He firmly believes in fostering lasting relationships built on trust, open communication, and a shared commitment to financial success.

Niko continues to expand his knowledge through ongoing professional development and education ensuring clients benefit from the latest insights and strategies available in the financial realm.

Outside the office, Niko is passionate about traveling, skiing, sports, and community service reflecting his dedication to holistic well-being and a balanced life.

With Niko and the HWM team as your dedicated financial advisors, you can trust in a proactive partner committed to guiding you through life’s financial journey.